The Unapologetic Truth:

I’ve been considering writing a post like this for a while – an insight into what life is really like as a ‘business owner’, what it means to be the ‘boss lady’ and how exactly it impacts on your life. I’ve spent so much time reading inspirational stories from people who made it, the classic ‘something from nothing’ story. You see images allover Pinterest of glamorous lifestyles and sleek office spaces, all the more shaping our idea of what life must be like when you’re own boss. But my experience could not be further from that, which is why I wanted to give a small insight – the untainted, unfiltered, unapologetic truth.

White Dirt was like a light at the end of the tunnel for me. It was a reason to escape, an excuse to remove myself from the increasingly suffocating situation I was dealing with at home. It became an opportunity to prove to myself that I was as worthy as I knew I was and to prove many un-supporting individuals wrong. I wanted to create something that was mine and I was prepared to stop at nothing to get there.
But what exactly has stopping at nothing become?


It means working 6-7 days a week.
It means choosing to put your (already minimal) salary entirely back into the business.
It was about compromising aspects of my independence in favour of cutting costs.
It’s paying for Business Rates rather than boxes of bleach; & making appointments with mentors instead of nail technicians.

I spend numerous hours staring at spreadsheets and bank balances, with many a sleepless night wondering if the leap of faith was a little too optimistic. Did you know that on average, 3 out of 4 start up businesses fail? And that 70% off them don’t start to see profits until after 2 years? Giving up your whole life and relocating away from everything and everyone you know, based on those statistics, is a pretty daunting prospect. Will and I decided to take the chance, because life is short and the opportunity was presented to us – right place, right time and all that. But although I don’t regret a single decision I made, I was totally unprepared for the amount of work, energy, confidence and stamina that was required.
In my opinion, most businesses probably fail because their figureheads lose patience and passion.


In many ways, this shop is like my child.
It requires constant love and attention, to make sure that it thrives and grows with every opportunity.
It needs nurturing and encouragement to allow it to succeed and achieve in every aspect.
There are times when it will test you to your limit and moments where you will despair.
During it’s early stages, it will consume your being and take away your social life; but you know that as it grows, so will it’s independence and it’s ability to stand on it’s own two feet without you.
And at the end of the day, unless you’re willing to be a good parent, you can not expect to have a good child.




In the store now, we have badass girl brand Little Black Wardrobe.
I actually reached out to them after discovering the brand on social media – to be honest, they had me from the word ‘black wardrobe’ as it basically summarises the entire contents of my own! Basing a lot of their looks on trend-led, high street styles and sticking to a rather modest monochrome pallet, it really does create the staple wardrobe that every girl needs. Whether it’s some cute layering pieces (as I’ve styled with a Gemma Goldstone dress, above) or acting as your go-to night out accomplish, there genuinely is something for everyone, and as I’ve found, limitless ways to style it up.

Girl-boss, Hannah, is also an absolute babe.
Most styles available in my store or on her website.




Last week I was sent this uh-mazing two-piece by Loving Youth as part of their new blogger collaborations.
I’ll be honest, my blog is looking rather lazy lately as all my time and effort seems to be going into the White Dirt account; which has resulted in my lack of fake tan, selfies and root maintenance (yawn). So still being able to work with such an awesome little brand despite all the above is an absolute pleasure! The crop top/high waisted bottoms combo is one of my personal favourite cuts, as it’s so flattering and you can almost get away that you haven’t been to the gym, well, ever.
I can’t wait to whack this one out in the summer; boho vibes come at me.



SW7 Header


Time off for me is a distant memory; a thing of the past! Since the Summer I have worked myself into the ground and my once vibrant social life buried there too. After the New Year, I figured that it didn’t have to be this way – whilst I am completely dedicated to my work and my life down here, there is always a very sharp reminder in the back of my mind that we are not here forever and the importance of keeping your friends close. Although I’m hardly even taking a wage, it’s occurred to me that moments with people you love really are priceless and as these occasions don’t come around too often, they’re worth every penny.

I spent the weekend with my old Coco Tang ‘colleagues’ (AKA Princess babes) in South West London and it was beautiful. The apartment we stayed in was like a palace and although I felt like Xena Warrior Princess fighting off the foreign creeps who consistently perved on the girls, it was a fantastic night! A couple of days before, I’d ordered a Missguided shirt and shorts combo with their £1.99 Next Day Delivery offer, and they didn’t disappoint. Teaming it with Topshop jewellery and Primark shoes, realistically this will now be my go-to ‘Night Out’ outfit for the foreseeable future…




January has been a crazy month so far; work over at WHITE DIRT has been crazily busy. My friend Anna recently wrote a blog post for our site on how to been the New Year Blues, and not only is it amazing (God love her) but it also inspired me to take some of her words and put them into practice – specifically, my hair. Now, for those of you who might be trying to zoom in on my cellulite and end up evaluating my roots; I know. It’s patchy, it’s outgrown and it’s a bit of a ‘non’. I have finally decided that I am bored to death of rainbow shades and the copious maintenance that comes hand in hand with this. Having battled with myself for the last few months about Bleached VS Natural in regards to my blonde, I decided that I’m a die-hard bleach babe. Not that my hair can take much more shit, but I am opting to slowly get myself back to that white/grey blonde I knew and loved.  Given the state of my ends, my next blog post might be hairless…