Besha Babe

Hello, babes! The last few month’s have been so chaotic that I’ve barely had a change to indulge in the wonderful world of blogging, but luckily the change in seasons is helping me get my act together a bit! Talk about timing, as I was contacted by Feels to be part of their JustFab campaign and obviously I wanted in!


Having seen the TV ads, I was aware of JustFab but admittedly had never thought to check out the site. Now reminded of them, I went online and saw that they actually had a banging collection of shoes, especially boots – which are my achilles heel (pun very much intended). The difficult bit was actually deciding what shoe I wanted! Tempted by heels, trainers and thigh-highs, I opted for some as loud and statement as I could – obviously…


The thing I worry about with online shopping for shoes is 1) will they fit ‘true to size’ and 2) will they be comfortable enough to actually wear? I can confirm both, genuinely. As a pretty comfortable Size 7, I went for exactly that and they are snug as a dream. The heel height is slightly higher than anticipated, but sod it, I’ll be 6 foot anyday! They’re also ridiculously comfortable and surprisingly good quality, seeing as they were a steal at only £35 (for VIP members)!


Given that I’m pretty much monogamous to the monochrome, I thought they would be the perfect accessory to add some colour and life to my Winter wardrobe and I think they do exactly that! This style of boot also comes in a range of styles and colours, so if you’re not as much into the baroque/floral trend that seems to be everywhere at the moment, then there’s still something to suit you.


You can find my Besha Booties here on JustFab!

Photography: Carolina Mills 


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