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If you love coffee (and cakes and treats and everything else) as much as I do, you’ll want to check out the new app ‘Ordoo‘. I’d never heard of it, but was aware of ‘order ahead’ style apps that were already out there (I think Starbucks uses it?) and so was intrigued when they contacted me asking if I wanted to test-drive their service. I had a look through the list of cafes they work with and was pretty excited that they were teamed up with independent, small businesses, rather than just the big boys. So after a few seconds thought (did the traditional ‘order-queue-pay’ routine really bother me that much?) I decided that I was intrigued and wanted to give it a go!


I checked out Renzo, a gorgeous little café sat on Leonard Street. I walk past it every day on my way into work but have never had the guts to go in there (I’m happy to admit I’m one of those people that resents corporate chains like Starbucks but also often feels intimidated to step foot into an Independent place). One of the reasons being, ‘What if they don’t take card?’ as I literally never have cash on me. Not even pennies.

With this in mind, it suited me well to use an App that takes both the awkwardness and the time of paying – simply tap your order, add your details and pick up your coffee. It really is that easy!

So, it was dreary Monday morning and I thought this the perfect time to test-run the Ordoo app. Who isn’t in desperate need of a Monday morning pick me up, which is why I ordered a soy latte and a slice of avocado bread. It’s little touches like being able to select soy (or oat, or almond, or coconut, etc) milk that make Ordoo great. I often find that in Starbucks or Pret, you’re shouting over several other people’s orders and very often get misheard, leaving you with a coffee you then can’t be arsed to complain about, but don’t really want. Given my love/hate relationship with dairy thanks to my Crohn’s Disease, it is quite important to make sure I get this element right if I’m being risky and ordering a traditionally ‘milky’ coffee!

The app was easy to use and you even have the option of requesting your order ASAP or to order in advance. I hadn’t realise this, stupidly, so literally ordered as I was stood outside Renzo. Like an Uber, once I had confirmation that my order had gone through, I popped inside and awkwardly announced that I had ‘an Ordoo or something’. They smiled and immediately knew who I was/what I had ordered and within minutes I was handed my coffee and cake – dreamy!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

If like me, you want to try out more independent coffee shops and either a) don’t carry cash or b) like the idea of your coffee being ready for you as soon as you walk in the door, then I would highly recommend Ordoo. Plus, their list of shops is growing too, so soon you’ll be able to Ordoo wherever you go in the City!


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