TenStickers1If you know me, you’ll know that I love an interior (as I’m sure we all do in these visual times of Instagram and Pinterest). Making a space your own and customising it to your own tastes is pretty much the all-consuming excitement in moving anyplace new and is one of the main reasons that personally I love moving house so much! White walls don’t have to be bleak and boring; in fact, they can be a canvas for endless possibilities and style. 

Recently, my attention was drawn to a website called TenStickers; a company who create and produce vinyl wall stickers directly, therefore taking out the middle man and offering the customer great products at great prices. What’s most attractive is the selection – if you are picky like me, and in a world where image seems to mean so much, finding the perfect match can seem challenging. What TenSticker’s carefully does is categorise the stickers, from text to customisable, to laptop and baby. What’s more is you can even search for your desired image by typing in key words or even by specifying what area the sticker will be used. 

TenStickers2Personally, I love the ones that you can just whack above your bed for a touch of instant glam. I’m always a little bit scared of hanging a photo or a mirror or shelve above my bed (in case it falls on my head in the middle of the night…) so a transfer that can go straight on the wall but still lift the room from sparse to chic is right up my street!

Imagine having this in your bedroom, probably as a little bit of motivation to get out of bed on a Monday morning! For those of you who are able to fiddle around with other spaces other than their bedroom, the selection of kitchen phrases are adorable. 

The nicest part about TenStickers is their sea of customisable options. Whether you fancy a wall sticker of yourself and your boyfriend (or cat) or if you would like your favourite quote stuck above your bed (‘dreaming of Pizza’), the options available are endless. Even if you have a wall with little inspiration to fill it, TenStickers have a dedicated squad who can put pen to paper and create the perfect piece for you. The team are so helpful and responsive, that whatever your needs and whatever your vision, I’m sure they will be able to help you out.

TenStickers3Check them out at www.tenstickers.co.uk to explore the full range and to start creating your amazing space. 

*This is a sponsored post


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