Brooks & Brooks


January is a fantastic time for change; be it the cliché change of attitudes to food or the change in pace and energy to life back at work after the Christmas slum.

For me, it’s been a change of visual difference. Whether it’s being a girl in the age of social media or just having some severe internal vanity, I felt like it was time to re-invent my appearance to feel like I was fully shedding my skin of 2015. Although every year has its up and downs, I feel like the last one carried a lot of baggage and it was time to breathe some new life into the way I viewed myself.

Being a dye-hard (pun intended) bleach addict, it was a brave decision to go darker. The actual colour I wanted was ‘boring, ash, blonde’ and I feel happily that I have achieved that. As if in a wave of good timing and fate, I was then approached by Social Network Solutions on The Blogger Network for Brooks&Brooks – a hairdressers based in Holborn, London. I fear the sheers more than the average woman but was excited about the opportunity of a fresh and professional cut that would finish my mini-hair transformation.

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Last Friday, I was booked in to visit Kayleigh. I’ll be honest, I was apprehensive – not only had I never had this stylist before but I had also never been to the salon. As soon as I arrived and saw that they had ‘help yourself’ chocolate treats in a jar in the waiting area though, I was totally convinced that I was in safe hands.

Kayleigh greeted me, and was as lovely and bubbly as I’d be told she was. She spent ages going through my hair and talking to me about my routines, needs and desires for my locks before giving her opinion and talking me through the process of what I was going to have done.

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I was taken for an amazing hair wash, complete with no-neck ache (a revolution from the normally painful experience) and head massage. I was given a nourishing treatment to re-condition my hair, which was visibly damaged from all the bleaches and dyes it had persevered with over the years. After this, I was taken back to my chair, given a delicious hot chocolate (this is how I judge most places these days, on the quality of their hot chocolate) and the hair cut began. Although I came in slightly narrow-minded about keeping a lot of the length and hoping to sort out my nasty ‘gringe’ (grown out fringe, FYI), Kayleigh soon changed my mind about how much better it could look if I took that baby step further and allowed more than I’d planned to come off the ends.

The result? My hair not only feels incredibly but it looks great too. Ever since Friday I have had people compliment on how thick, bouncy and healthy my hair looks – something that literally is a rarity when you suffer with thin hair like myself. It is so much more manageable and although it was a bit of a shock to my system at first, I am genuinely loving it and so happy with what Kayleigh has done. She has totally respected my long-term hair vision and given me the best possible solution.

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Brooks&Brooks gets my thumbs up, and I’ve even booked to go back in 8 weeks time.
Anyone who can get me to re-visit a salon is worth their weight in gold.



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