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Time off for me is a distant memory; a thing of the past! Since the Summer I have worked myself into the ground and my once vibrant social life buried there too. After the New Year, I figured that it didn’t have to be this way – whilst I am completely dedicated to my work and my life down here, there is always a very sharp reminder in the back of my mind that we are not here forever and the importance of keeping your friends close. Although I’m hardly even taking a wage, it’s occurred to me that moments with people you love really are priceless and as these occasions don’t come around too often, they’re worth every penny.

I spent the weekend with my old Coco Tang ‘colleagues’ (AKA Princess babes) in South West London and it was beautiful. The apartment we stayed in was like a palace and although I felt like Xena Warrior Princess fighting off the foreign creeps who consistently perved on the girls, it was a fantastic night! A couple of days before, I’d ordered a Missguided shirt and shorts combo with their £1.99 Next Day Delivery offer, and they didn’t disappoint. Teaming it with Topshop jewellery and Primark shoes, realistically this will now be my go-to ‘Night Out’ outfit for the foreseeable future…



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