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There’s a lot of personal changes I feel are necessary this year; ranging from changing my Instagram back to square pictures (the difficulty of this decision is not to be undermined) to getting rid of my mystical coloured hair (again, not one to be taken lightly). I have decided that re-invention is unavoidable and that my 2015 journey needs to start with conquering those two factors. Trivial to some, sure, but important nonetheless – especially given the visually led world we have created for ourselves.

Idealistically, I would also like to blog more and give my body a fighting chance at a healthy diet. My nutrition levels are equivalent to that of a chocolate donut, but with the help of my new blender, I see a fast approaching green-smoothie obsession entering into my daily routine. Sure, wouldn’t we all like to be blessed with the motivation to attend the gym daily and cut out carbs; but I’m only human and all too partial to chicken nuggets and reality TV.


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