I’ve got to admit from the offset, I am a serial monogamist – I not only love the idea of a relationship but I also actually love being in one. Sure, the reality is that it isn’t all lazy mornings and pancake brunches; every night isn’t a romantic sunset moment and unfortunately arguments can be as trivial as to who’s turn it is to wash up. But luckily, for every disagreement there a million agreements, for every tear there is an uncontrollable fit of laughter and for every moment of every day, I am actually very thankful to have someone in my life who both supports and puts up with me!

Last week Will and I celebrated our 3-year Anniversary (omg, three years, what the hell – I know). I say ‘celebrated’, we exchanged cards, actually sat at the table for dinner and I bought him a wedge of Brié – times are tough. It’s always a bit of an awkward occasion as neither of us really know when to celebrate. As we got together during the highly intoxicated phase of University, in particular, whilst living together with all our friends in a 17-bedroom house, the exact ‘moment’ we became BF&GF (vom) happened around 3am, whilst both in fancy dress. From this moment on, for all the years that have passed, I have used this to my advantage and always insisted we have a two-day anniversary, seeing as neither of us can really pin-point (or remember) the exact moment we went from being drunk friends to drunk friends who can’t kiss other people.

Three years down the line, Will and I now own a business together. And with that business, means that time off is never really an option, especially not any time off together. So on Sunday, he arranged cover in the shop and paid for us to go to London and celebrate with breakfast (my absolute favourite meal of the day) at The Shard. It was beyond amazing and I think we more than outstayed our welcome there; part of me didn’t want to leave and the other part literally could not stand up with all that food in my stomach. We then spent the rest of the day mooching around, feeling Christmasy, eating far too much and ended up being completely stranded at Liverpool Street whilst all trains back home were cancelled.

Luckily, we made it back, and more importantly, we made it another year without wanting to see the back of one another.





Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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