For those who I haven’t already bored to death with this news – Will and I have opened our own store.

The idea of ‘White Dirt’ as a concept has been on my mind for well over a year now, and was the original reason why I left my job in London last Summer. Days turned into weeks and before I knew it, the idea had become so far drawn from me that I ended up in Nottingham working in retail. Fast forward yourselves to July of this year, where Will and I were sat around in his room, generally complaining about jobs, fashion and throwing backwards and forwards the idea of opening our own store. This wasn’t particularly exciting, as it was something we normally did – the obnoxious evolution of our imaginations, creating our own store that extended far beyond a retail space. The idea expanded into fresh talent, recognising creativity – it opened itself up to various mediums across the creative sector, but ultimately it came down to being an explosion of dreams that we could not avoid making a reality.

The seed was officially planted and it quite literally spiralled out of control from there. What started off as an excitable conversation sat around two computers, turned into business plans and application forms. It grew into a bigger idea, it required further funding and it was suddenly the sole drain of my time. It also started to become a possibility that neither of us had expected; even when we opened the doors on the last weekend of October, we both looked at one another  and asides from scoffing our Greggs’ breakfast, were stood in disbelief as to what we had actually done.

My life now revolves around this unit. I work all day, seven days a week – and even on the evenings where I should allow myself some downtime, my mind is still there; thinking, planning, creating, calculating. I uprooted my entire life to move here and pursue this project. It provides me with a permanently increased stress level and a slowly expanding waistline; but ultimately, it provides me with more satisfaction, self-worth and gratification than anything else could give.

IMG_6940 IMG_7130 IMG_7184
IMG_7016 IMG_6904 IMG_6982


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