Grey Peacock


I was recently contacted by Little Mistress, asking if I wanted to work with them on an outfit post, where I would get to choose an item from their New Arrivals section. Obviously feeling very flattered, I browed their site, and was initially slightly hesitant when faced with the sheer number of gorgeous evening dresses and body con pieces, thinking that it might not be my style. Then I saw these peacock bad boys – and what is even better, is they come as a coordinate! Instantly falling in love with them, I asked if I could snap them up, and here they are now – on my legs! I can’t even describe the material; it’s like a mixture between neoprene, lycra and silk – absolute comfort heaven. I love them.

I have seriously neglected blogging and even instagramming over the last month, due to being ridiculously busy with a number of exciting projects coming up; both of which I will be sure to share over the next few weeks. Before that, I was occupying myself with SIXXIS, which if you didn’t already know, was my own little vintage store on ASOS Marketplace. Sadly, I’ve had to temporarily put that on hold whilst I focus on the current changes to my routine, but the remaining items are still available on Depop (lmills) should you wish to nab these before I’m back to business!

Green is starting to become a persistent annoyance to me, and so if anyone has any hair suggestions, then please throw them my way! I bore too easily, and the interference of my roots is starting to de-vamp the green splendour; so I’m in need of some serious hair-spiration, should anyone wish to share.






Trousers – Little Mistress | Dress – H&M | Kimono – H&M |Boots – H&M | Rings – H&M | Earrings – Cheap Monday



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