I have been the blogger from hell recently, and my recent posts have been few and far between.
Ordinarily, I would put this down to laziness, but for once in my life I’ve been the busiest mermaid and had little time to brush my hair, let alone blog.
I’m having the night off though from being stressed and up to my eyeballs from self-induced work, and am currently lying in my bed with my Winnie the Pooh hot water bottle, which must be as old as I am.

I was recently sent this skirt from Fashion Union as part of their high Summer collection, and must admit, when I saw it on the site, was sceptical. However, upon arrival, the texture was completely different to how I thought (for some reason I expected a thick, potato sack like feel) and far more impressive. The fit is lovely, and sits perfectly high waisted, even on a tall bean like me. Not one to toot my own horn, but I think it’s super flattering and could be great dressed up or down, and after all that worry, will definitely be adding to to my Summer wardrobe favourites.




Skirt – Fashion Union | Dress – Selected Femme | Shirt – H&M | Boots – Primark



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