Last week I chose this fabulous dress as a gift from the babes over at Fashion Union.
As soon as I saw it on the site, I absolutely fell in love with it and once it arrived, I was even more impressed. What I love about it, is how versatile it is. Without a belt, it hangs loose and airy (perfect for the humidity yesterday) and something which is also hugely flattering after a few BBQ burgers! However, once teamed with a little body and a belt, it turns into a new look all together.
Before taking these pictures, I basically knocked myself out – my house is an old, manor house, that was clearly built for dwarves, and I am a 5’10 child that was clearly not built for short doorways. I stood up into the doorframe, and came crashing back down to the floor with the impact. (Please don’t be sympathetic, I have an A* Drama A-Level, so am probably elaborating hugely). I was left with a dent, a real dip, in my head.
I’m amazed I’ve got any sense left…





Dress – Fashion Union | Leotard – SIXXIS | Shoes – Topshop



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