Lucky Seven


Considering my usual self-references to the Queen of Darkness, this sea of colour may be some what of an eye sore to you.
In my recent quest to combat being quite so addicted to black, I ventured out to play with some alternative shades of clothing, and clearly didn’t just stop at ‘easing in gently’.
Last week I had the privilege to do a mini shoot with the talented Grace Sànchez in the cute Lucky Seven Records, who has a very Terry Richardson style of high exposure, almost to the point of surrealism! Now, please, before you judge and notice how I look a little more rough around the edges then I would normally like to portray myself, my hair/runny makeup combo is a result of the torrential storm London saw last Monday.
Let’s hope I can bank on such forecast excuses next time I’m looking a little worse for wear…







Cardigan – Vintage | Crop – Motel | Trousers – Sixxis | Shoes – Red or Dead



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