It feels like forever since my last post –
I don’t really have too much of an excuse except travelling to see people a lot and having an off-putting number of ‘ugly days’ – something which should be inexcusable, considering the amount of free time I have on my hands at the moment, to potentially use productively into making myself look and feel fabulous. Yet instead (we all know where this is going) I seem to find my time invested into countless trips to Tesco to buy things that will add countless calories to my poorly exercised body. Yay me!

Those of you who follow my Instagram account will have already seen this babe of a dress – coming it at £4, it is one of my absolute charity faves. Staying true to the surreal nature of the green hair, I’ve gone a little holographic crazy with these shoes and bag, both bargains from the ever trusty Primark. Although my sister said I look like a psychedelic version of Cinderella, I feel like this could be my new Summer favourite – and I shall go to the ball!







Dress – Vintage | Sunglasses – ASOS | Sandals & Clutch – Primark | Choker – Chokers&More | Necklace – Urban Renewal



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