Black is Crack


Okay so here’s the deal – I am addicted to black. Like seriously, black is crack. Once you’ve gone down that road, you feel like there is no looking back. It is a slippery slope on which you cannot help but slide, and worst of all, it is very hard to recover from.

My eyes (and style) have become so conditioned to monochrome, that my wardrobe looks like a funeral outfitters; and it was as I was sifting through for something to wear this morning that I thought – sure, black is amazing and will always be the staple colour for a reason. But asides from shapes, textures and cuts, isn’t it a little limiting? A black outfit is a black outfit, and although over the years I have prided myself on my one-toned style, narrow mindedness never served anyone well.  For so long I have convinced myself that colour isn’t stylish, slowly developing a sort of hue-snobery. Today I say screw that and screw the monochrome madness I have obtained over the years. Unleash the colour beast!
Whilst still being a mountainous 24hours away from payday, I had limited funds on which to begin the transformation to rainbow-chic, which set me back to my old favourite hobby, charity shop raiding. This shirt, skort and belt all came in at under a tenner – some nifty thrift shop happenings! Teamed with some old favourites, I think we’re onto a winner.







Shirt, Skort & Belt – Charity Shop | Necklace – Topshop |Earrings – Vivienne Westwood | Shoes – Vagabond



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