‘I’m not a Monday person’ apparently, and yet today was fantastic.
Not only did I start to hear back from various positions I have been so desperately applying for, but I woke up with an optimistic outlook on the world which therefore lead into genuine productivity. I’m slowly getting through the boxes of my life which need so desperately unpacking, which is when I came across my favourite Bitchy dress. Given the fact it is a shift baby doll dress, it is not the most flattering as an under layer, as it just puffs out and adds an extra two stone that, trust me, given the amount I’ve been baking this week, I do not need.

Carolina and I have never been great with timing, and as we chose to shoot these, all of our neighbours decided to put their bins out. Determined not to be defeated by my overwhelming paranoia, I tried with every effort to pose through their wheely bin judgements – though as you may see, keeping a straight face with a small village audience is rather harder than it sounds. If my dentist ever sees this; Linda, I am sorry I haven’t seen you in years. Please ignore the fangs.






T-Shirt – Zara TRF | Dress – Bitching and Junkfood | Socks – Nike | Boots – Primark



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