Unknown To Me


Hola, hello, good evening – another glorious night in for me. Yes, you heard correctly, my plans for a Saturday night are probably catering for my little brother and his seven friends who are about to bombard the house with their pubescent awkwardness and bottomless pits of stomachs. The week on a whole has been somewhat of an annoyance, such is the life the week before pay day; and such is the life of a recently unemployed twenty-something.

As I write this, I am sat at my garden table, drinking Pimms and eating Hula Hoops, while my sister is on FaceTime next to me in LA, talking about her plans to go to San Francisco next weekend. Sometimes I feel like I really did get dealt a lesser gene (cue, more alcohol…) Luckily for me, I’ve got my trusty pal Milli, who not only stinks to the high heavens, but also weighs more than any lifts I’ve seen at the gym.

This super cute two piece is by the awesome Textile Federation, and although I bought it nearly two months ago, have only worn it twice. In an attempt to conquer my black addiction, I’ve hung onto it, praying that these Summer months unleash a new found passion for colour. I’m still waiting on that.

2 3







Matching Top & Skirt Co-Ord – Textile Federation | Shoes – Vagabond



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