Summer Nights


I have always scored top marks for choosing incorrectly when it comes to outfits and the weather; which used to be a real pain seeing as I am constantly cold. Since November I have been obsessed (mainly through practicality) to heavily layer, which has often lead to over-layering. This morning was no exception, as I opted for a heavy knit jumper, black cropped jeans and trainers. A builder even muttered, ‘God, she looks hot’ as I walked on by, and I can safely say that he meant it as it says on the tin, with no sleaziness involved. Sigh.

This look is for sure going to be my staple Summer evening wear – mixing up soft, white hues with my classic dark destroyer additions. This lightweight duster coat was a magical find last year at work, and has been my pal ever since, and the shoes, if not slightly tacky, sure as hell add some oomph.
If anyone has any tips for me on looking cool (literally, I mean the opposite of warm) whilst staying hot (again, please, weather references) then I would love to know.









Shoes – Missguided | Watch – Michael Kors | Bangle – Pandora | Trousers – Zara | Vest – TRF Zara | Jacket – Urban Outfitters | Necklace – Urban Outfitters

With special thanks to my very own Terry Richardson…



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