Home Sweet Home


I have sorely missed being so silent over the past two months, but having moved (now twice) and going on holiday, I have been left with little time to think, let alone blog. As some of you may know, I have left Nottingham and am now home-home, to which I have little to do with my time except for running my eyes dry searching for jobs and blogging.

I thought I would ease back in nice and easily, by giving you a little peak into my life! Having not lived at home for 4 years, it is unshocking that my youngest sister took over my larger room, to which I find myself in a bit of a Cath Kidston show room. Nonetheless, with the addition of my belongings, it is surely starting to feel a little bit more like my home comfort.


Feat. Michael Kors, Mac, L’Oréal Preference, Revlon, Calvin Klein, ASOS, Vivienne Westwood & Kiko



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