The Dark Side


Happy Pancake Day, fools!
Undoubtably my favourite day of the year, I’m so crazy about pancakes, I started eating them last night.
I think it’s only fair, as I am half Canadian, so it’s sort of in my blood to cover anything in maple syrup, but also because I am planning on having a crazy March detox, so let me at the sugar whilst I can! I’m not usually one to give things up for lent, I never even knew what it was until I went to secondary school, and so it doesn’t really have any great significance to me. However, I have been rather ill over the past few weeks (hence the lack of posts, sorry) and I feel this could be the perfect time to re-boost my system. I’m going added-sugar, wheat and dairy free and am also planning on giving my hair a bit of a bleach-break (what do you think of the dark?). I expect I’m going to be one unhappy bunny this month…







Jacket – H&M | Vest – WhiteDirt | Dress – Selected Femme | Trousers – Primark | Socks – Nike | Shoes – Topshop | Bag – Primark


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