Pop Body


This weather is the absolute worst;
Honestly, if I were to become mother nature, as soon as Christmas ends, I would make it Summer. The amount of broken umbrella’s I see littering the streets is something short of an epidemic. So with all this depressing February weather bombarding us, I thought I would give myself a nice dose of wishful thinking and a pop of colour with this Bitching and Junkfood colour pop body in neon orange.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my wardrobe consists of three key colours; black, white and grey. Not usually one to venture beyond my spectrum comfort zone, I was somewhat surprised with how in love with this leotard I fell. Not only is it super-flattering for the figure, but it also works as a great layering piece. I didn’t want to hide it in this post, so thought I would show you it in all it’s beauty, simply layering it with a sheer dress from Selected Femme and roughing the whole thing up with some Timerland-style flatforms.




6Body – Bitching and Junkfood | Dress – Selected Femme | Boots – Schuh


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