If any of you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me put up a picture of these beauties earlier on today.
I’m supposed to be on a bit of a spending-ban at the moment, as my outgoings have gone somewhat out of control, yet I just couldn’t help myself when I saw these J-Campbell lookalikes arrive in this week. Plus with Valentines over and nothing else to look forward to until my birthday, I think it’s only fair that I had a little pick me up, 90s grunge footwear style.
I realise they do look a little worse for wear in these photos, but that’s what you get having worn them out the night before and deciding walking (falling over) everywhere is a fantastic idea. Plus I’m also prone to a good drink-spillage, and the hangover today was too much to even humour the idea of cleaning anything; myself included.
These badass shoes are from Scandi-inspired Out From Under, an Urban Outfitters brand, and retail at £85.




OU5 copy


Kimberley Peep Toe Shoes | Out From Under @ Urban Outfitters


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