A weekend or so ago, it was time for a getaway.
I love travel anyway but the strains of a full time job really heighten the desire to pack your bags and head off out, even if it is only down the road for a cuppa tea. So there we were, at 7am on a Saturday morning, huddled in the car on the way down to Portsmouth. I am usually absolutely shit at early mornings, and my poor flatmate will tell you that I am often fond of snoozing my alarm for anywhere up to an hour and a half, with an alarm going off every 9 minutes…but there’s something about getting up at the crack of dawn that adds to the excitement of going away.
For those of you that think a four-hour drive down south is hardly a comparison to a holiday or even a mini-break, you clearly don’t know how much I needed to get out of the City!




GA7 GA8All photos were taken on my shoddy iPhone.


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