Year Round Up



It’s been somewhat of a crazy year and the definition of an emotional roller coaster! From battling with alopecia for six months, celebrating the big 21, finally graduating after a tedious three years and moving back and forth between cities like an animal with fleas, its safe to say that whether positive or negative, it has certainly been eventful!

I am already hugely excited for what is to come in the rather ugly and futuristic sounding ‘twenty-fourteen’, with a huge agenda. My main challenge isn’t to eat more healthily or exercise more (although I should probably start that too, let’s face it, paying for a gym membership and not going is a waste of £15 a month and constantly letting the ‘healthy’ food in the fridge rot is realistically a health hazard waiting to happen…) but to focus and follow through. This year has been a great drawing board of ideas and exciting prospects, but what needs to happen next is to put it all into motion. If you say you’ll do something, do it. If you want something, go get it.

Now before I turn into Ghandi, dry feet and all, I’ll finish.
Partly because I don’t want my first post on a new blog to be a ramble and partly because I still have no idea what I am doing tonight. Priorities will never change. 


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